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Aloe Vera Mattress

A memory foam aloe vera mattress brings together the superior comfort and support of a memory foam mattress with the renowned benefits of the famous aloe vera plant.

Why a Memory Foam Mattress?

Aloe Vera Mattress - Click To ShopA normal spring coil mattress is adequate for someone that has no orthopedic issues. That is they have no kind of muscular skeletal disorder or deterioration that requires a different type of mattress or bed. A spring coil mattress consists of a set of spring coils in the center of the mattress supported by foam padding and then the outer stitched fabric. The foam of course is to make the mattress soft and like a cushion as it would not be comfortable to sleep directly on the springs.

The problem with an innerspring mattress is that springs work by resisting any weight that is placed upon them. So if a person with orthopedic issues sleeps on them, they may experience aggravation and pain from any pressure points that come into contact with the mattress. And for otherwise healthy people, another problem is that the springs will not maintain their support forever. They will start to break down. The problem is, many people are not aware of when the mattress has broken down enough to become potentially harmful as the change is gradual.

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Many people do not think that their mattress needs replacing until springs start pushing against or even poking through the surface of the mattress. But by the time it gets to that stage, replacing the mattress is long overdue. Tell tale signs that you might recognize earlier on is that your mattress is soft, it may have developed permanent depressions in the surface, and maybe you even hear and feel springs adjusting when you lay on them. To continue using a mattress like this can be bad for your posture and lead to the development of back pain.

A memory foam mattress does not come with the limitations of spring coils as it does not need to contain any – although some models of bed will include some. Memory foam is a high density foam that has becomes very popular in orthopedic mattresses for its properties of being supportive, flexible and dense enough to support the weight of a body and mold around the body to gently cushion it instead of providing resistance against it.

So while this mattress has become popular for people with back pain and other orthopedic issues, it has also become popular with people that have no such issues and want to have a superior sleeping experience. Additionally, while a spring coil mattress can break down within a few years, the lifespan of a memory foam mattress is long. It can last up to 20 years and many manufacturer’s will offer at least a 10 year guarantee with the mattress to back up its quality.

Why An Aloe Vera Gel Mattress?

Chances are you are looking for an aloe vera mattress because you already have an awareness of aloe vera. It would be more surprising perhaps for someone not to have heard of it, as in recent years manufacturers have been adding aloe vera to their products, and making sure they let us know aloe vera is in it by specifically mentioning the point on product packaging or media advertisements. This is not surprising though, as aloe vera is renowned for being a good all round health tonic.

There are even a number of companies in fact that specialize in producing aloe vera based products. The aloe vera plant consists of a number of amino acids and essential amino acids. These are what your body needs to function. Your body can’t produce essential amino acids, so this one of the reasons that people like to consume and drink aloe vera gel. It is a rare plant that contains an abundance of healthy properties. And it is as good for external use as it is for internal use.

Many people may also be aware of aloe vera from childhood by the nickname “burns plant” because the inner leaves would be used as a first aid resource on burns or cuts and scrapes because of its soothing and rejuvenating effects. Manufacturers believe that they have successfully captured these benefits and sustained them in their products. And so the essense of aloe vera has been captured in an aloe vera mattress.

Aloe Vera Mattress: Memory Foam + Aloe Vera = Aloe Vera Mattresses

In the case of an aloe vera treated mattresses, it is usually in the mattress cover rather than the mattress itself, that will be treated with aloe vera, as the cover is what your body will come directly into contact with while you rest.

High quality aloe vera mattresses can be bought from Natural Organics, which are an environmentally conscious manufacturer, producing their mattresses from plant based raw material and recycled foam polymer to avoid unnecessary waste. You can acquire them in most mattresses sizes and in three different thickness sizes 8, 10 or 12 inches. The 10 inch is recommended for most people, and the 12 inch if you are quite every. Start receiving a supportive and comfortable sleep now with the benefits of memory foam and the soothing and rejuvenating properties of aloe vera with a Natural Organics Aloe Vera Mattress

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